Something wicked this way comes....

After a long time we update our Home Page, Yes we are Lazy Bastards but with great News.
First: We've got new Shirts. Visit our webshop H E R E and order one god damn it.
Second: We play in April the 28th a Concert with the mighty Putridity in AJZ Bahndamm in Wermelskirchen. Visit the Concert section for more Infos.
Third: LIKE US! ;-)


Site Updates

The Discography page, Mechandise page the contact page and the Biography page are up to date.
Check them out


The New Official Suffocate Bastard Website is On!

After several days of evaluating we have no other choice but to clearly state: The new Myspace sucks big time! The performance is below par, menu is confusing, all the previous work on the profile has been discarded, the overview is completely lost, and the "new" functions are totally useless. All in all, this is a ridiculous attempt to create Facebook 2.0 which clearly has never seen a usability lab. This platform is therefore on the absolute best way to commit medial suicide.

Thats why the Bastards are going back to the good ol' Website style biatch!

Check back everynow and then for website updates, band updates etc.