Line-Up (from left to right): David - Guitars / Karsten - Bass / Brice - Vocals / Othon - Guitars / Tim - Drums


The birth of SUFFOCATE BASTARD reaches back to the year 2000. Former singer Stefan Meja started back then to look out for members for a Death/Black Metal Band. He found female guitar player Alex (SABIENDAS) and a drummer. They moved their rehearsing room to Herten/GER.and looked out for further members.

They found Patrick Czerny for the second guitar and David Adamietz for the position as Bass player. As the drummer left due to personal reasons Patrick switched to playing Drums and David to Guitars. As Patrick played a faster style of drumming and David more diverse on guitar, the music changed towards more aggressive and extreme Metal. After Alex left the band, Patrick switched back to guitars and a new drummer joined the band. The band decided to record their self-titled first Demo-Tape with Tim Donart (TACHELESS).After the recording, personnel changed again. For a short time a bass player joined, and the drummer left, joined and left again. Unfortunately, this was the time when the band intended to record their second Demo-Tape. Luckily Meik Bartnick of the band PARANOIZ stepped in to fill in the vacant place on drums.

SUFFOCATE BASTARD recorded their second Demo in the neighbouring rehearsal room with Meik. ThisDemo-CD has been entitled "Architects Of Perversity". Meik had to leave the band after the recording due to his commitments to other bands. After that, Karsten Boehnke (Ex-ETERNAL DIRGE, MUSTY GUTS) and Thorsten Bertram (Ex-PROVOCATION,CASTIGATE) joined in on bass and drums in 2004. This was the first time the band had a stable and creative line-up since the founding of the band. SUFFOCATE BASTARD rehearsed and wrote a lot of songs and finally entered the stages in summer 2005. After playing a lot of gigs, in 2006 the band recorded their debut album “Acts of Contemporary Violence” in the Soundlogde Studios, which was released in April, 2007 on Revenge Productions.

The album received a fair lot of positive criticism by the national and international press, and the band was able to leave some definite mark in the brutal underground. Directly following the release, unfortunately the band decided to part ways with Singer Stefan. For a one-time, event Konni from DESPONDENCY stepped in on vocals for a show at the Neurotic Deathfest, but soon afterwards Brice Blanchard  joined the band as the new vocalist. The band now had their most active time during their history and played a lot of shows all over Europe, crowned with the Gutting Europe IV Tour in 2008, joining INVERACITY and BEHEADED and playing, amongst others, on the Brutal Assault and Mountains of Death festivals.

In 2009 however, two core members decided to quit the band due to personal, health, or time related reasons as Thorsten and soon after, Patrick left SUFFOCATE BASTARD. For the umpteenth time the band had to replace vital members and were lucky enough to quite quickly manage it. Tim Schlichting (AGAMENDON, BREED OF BACCHUS) joined on Drums and Othon Kokkinos (DEPRAVITY) took over the duties on the Guitar.  Now SUFFOCATE BASTARD finally won back a proper line up and can fully engage in the writing of the remaining songs for the sophomore album. The new members bring in a lot of skills and musical input, and so the band is fully determined to deliver some sheer brutality to you as soon as possible.